Do you Tether?

As a photographer, I used to have a phobia of walking away from a client photo session with images that are out of focus (I think this is something most of us fear) but not anymore, thanks to the Tether Tools Tetherpro cable system.

ONE of the most important items within my photography gear is the Tether Tools Tetherpro cable. This cable will change your workflow, give you piece of mind and a more professional setup. Here are some of the benefits of tethering:

· Both you and your client / clients will have the ability to look at the images on a larger screen (laptop, computer vs a camera screen). This helps create a more professional set up and both you and your clients look at things more clearly.

· You can immediately look at the sharpness and focus of images as you capture them.

· Saves you time in your process – As you capture your images, you can save them in folders on your laptop or computer. There is no need to transfer images at a later stage (this was time consuming for me).

· You can look at the image lighting and adjust accordingly on a larger screen.

· Make-up artists, stylists or clients are also able to touch up make up, hair etc. if needed.

· During the review process, both you and your client can go through and tag or rate images.

Here are a few things to consider:

· Check if your camera is compatible (most cameras are).

· Software that you use to tether. I use Capture one, but Lightroom is also an option.

· The spec of your laptop or computer (You will notice the difference in machine performance during the editing process anyway). You will be transferring images in real time and don’t want have a laptop or computer that will lag.

This cable will help you tremendously if you are looking to improve your workflow.

You can purchase your cable from:

Tether Tools website:

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