The Power of your Headshot!

Did you know that your headshot creates such a powerful visual representation of you? Not only does it create a powerful representation but you get more likes on a photo of you than most other post that you would typically share on social media! Don’t believe me? Try it - update your headshot, post the photo and then compare it to a post that you shared prior. This is evident on many of my clients social media posts.

A great headshot will often have recruiters and companies spending more time on your profile because it indicates that you take pride in your appearance and want to look your best. Your photo often intrigues people so they click on it! Did you know that people generally judge you by a photo they see online so why not give them something great to judge?

When you work with a headshot photographer, you get someone who has experience in this field and someone who wants you to walk away feeling great. Your headshot is an investment and not an everyday spend so make it count.

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